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Sex guide

Why use a condom?

Mates, why using a condom?

Mates are the ideal condom to experiment with to spice up your sex life and discover new and delightful sensations. Not only that but Mates condoms give excellent protection from unintended pregnancy and STI’s too - many people now associate condoms instinctively with sex.

Using a condom is also the only means of protecting yourself against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. It is highly advisable to wear one for all penetrative sexual contact, whether vaginal or anal. The use of condoms may have the added benefit of protecting women against cervical cancer.

Mates would always advise that when you are having sex with one or more new partners that you always use a condom.

Why a condom?

How to use a condom

Mates, how to use a condom?
  • Step 1: Tear along one side of the foil, removing the condom carefully.Condoms are strong but can be torn by sharp fingernails or jewellery.
  • Step 2: Only put the condom on when the penis is erect and before contact with your partner's body, this helps prevent STIs and pregnancy. Place the condom over the end of the penis with the roll on the outside. With one hand pinch the teat of the condom to expel any trapped air, this will make space for the sperm.
  • Step 3: Using the other hand, roll the condom down the length of the penis to its base. Withdraw the penis soon after ejaculation whilst still erect, holding the condom firmly in place at the base of the penis.
  • Step 4: Wait until the penis is completely withdrawn before removing the condom. Keep the penis and condom away from the vagina to avoid any contact with sperm.
How to use?