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Mates Temptations


Assorted Condoms

Includes Mates: Natural, Ultra Thin, Endurance and Strawberry

Mates Temptations condoms offer a great selection of our best selling condoms. Natural for ultimate comfort, OrgazMax for extra sensitivity, Endurance for longer lasting love making and Strawberry for that fruity feeling!


  • Assorted Mates Condoms
  • Non-Spermicidally Lubricated
  • Includes Mates: Natural, OrgazMax, Endurance and Strawberry

Available in packs of 10 and 14

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SKYN Original Condoms

Skyn Original

Feel Everything
Natural Feel
Straight Condom shape
Skyn Large Condoms

Skyn Large

Comfortable Fit
Straight Condom shape
SKYN Extra Lube Condoms

Skyn Extra Lube

Maximum Comfort
Straight Condom shape
SKYN Elite Condoms

Skyn Elite

Ultra Thin & Ultra Soft
Straight Condom shape
Skyn Intense Feel Condoms

Skyn Intense Feel

Intensely Raised Dots
Studded shape
SKYN Selection Condoms

Skyn Selection

Skyn Discovery Kit
Skyn Cocktail Club Condoms

Skyn Cocktail Club

Flavours inspired by famous cocktails
Straight Condom shape
Skyn Maximum Performance

Skyn® Maximum Performance

Extra Long Lasting
SKYN GEL Natural Feel

Skyn® Natural Feel

Gently Moisturising with Aloe
Mates Pleasure Vibes

Pleasure Vibes

3 Speed Vibrating Ring
Zero Original Mates condom

Zero Original

Mates thinnest condom
Straight shape
Zero Extra lubricated Mates condom

Zero Extra Lubricated

Ultra-thin extra lubricated
Mates thinnest condom
Straight shape
Natural+ Mates condom


Safety & Comfort
Flaired shape
Mates Super Safe

Super Safe

Thicker for extra reassurance
Maximum Protection
Straight shape
Mates OrgazMax


Maximum Stimulation
Extreme Dotted
Studded shape
Mates Temptations


Assorted Condoms
Ultimate Selection